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Snowflower Pendant Ceiling Light by Mencke and Vagnby

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Snowflower is a must have ceiling pendant that oozes charm and charisma, no matter where it is placed. Designed by Mencke and Vagnby, the pendant light is a brand new creation that instantly updates any tired interior. Inspired by the light and feel of a crisp Winter day, the light is playful and suspends in the air like a big snowflake.


Snowflower is made from a variety of elements - each making it a strong design that will remain contemporary for years to come. Consisting of 1 top and bottom made of PBT - 30 ribs made of polycarbonate and a lamp holder with 3m of cord - completed with 150 identical polystyrene petals. Use with a Max 60W Tungsten Bulb or MAX 12W Low Energy Bulb.


The lamp comes flat packed - ensuring it is environmentally friendly  as it minimises CO2 emissions during transporation due to its smaller size. The lamp takes 30 mins to put together - but is virtually dummyproof. Not your typical lighting feature, this beautiful creation is sure to draw comments from any visiting guests.


Dimensions: 62cm Diameter


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