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Magis Boogie Woogie Shelving Unit by Stefano Giovannoni


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Magis have worked with Stefano Giovannoni to create the Boogie Woogie Storage Units - unusual by name and nature, the design ensures that all of your books, CD's and ornaments are kept organised and displayed to their best.


Made from Glossy ABS, each unit can be stacked and adjoined to other units to create a large piece of furniture - use multiple colours together to create a stand out statement in any office or home. Available with or without a back panel and in 3 glossy colours.


Ideal for those who always end up losing items, the Boogie Woogie is guaranteed to stand out in any setting and will look decorative as well as being highly practical, useable and functional.


Dimensions: 52cm x 52cm x 28cm Width


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