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Garden Trading Kitchen Compost Bucket


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We all care about the environment and want to stop the use of fertilisers and pesticides, so composting is a must for every home. Rather than display ugly boxes in your home or have to keep transporting your food rubbish out to the compost heap, use this indoor compost bucket for all your storage needs.


Made from Steel, the bucket is perfect for leaving in your kitchen. When it is full, simply remove the inner bucket with its carry handle and empty out onto a compost heap. As an added feature, the lid also has an airtight seal that stops any nasty gases or smells from the food from entering your kitchen.


A great design idea, the bucket has a minimal, country chic design ensuring that it will fit into practically any kitchen interior setting. We also have an extra large 10L version available to buy from our shop.


Dimensions: Height 21cm x Width 25.5cm x Diameter 19.5cm


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