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Kartell Comback Chair


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The much-anticipated Kartell Comback chair has been in production for over 4 years due to it’s complex design that is made from a single mould. Inspired by the traditional Windsor chair this is Patricia Urquiola’s modern take on an old English classic.


The backrest features 7 spindles that run it to a solid hexagonal structure and then the spindles adjoin the seat pad.  The body of the chair is made from technopolymer thermoplastic and the 4 legs are made from ashwood that are oak stained or lacquered.


Available in a range of 6 matte colours to suit your décor, the chair is also generously proportioned.


This is an award-winning product that won the Wallpaper Magazines Best Chair design for 2011. Both the sleigh leg and swivel base versions of the Comback chairs are available to purchase in the Design 55 store.



Width 58cm

Height 100cm

Depth 50cm

Seat Height 48.5cm