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Greyhound Dog Sculpture Animal Figurine in Velvet

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Its a well known fact that dogs are mans best friend - this beautiful figure is no exception! A replica of a greyhound, the sculpture is so much easier to care for as it requires no walking or food - but we guarantee it will need petting as its velvet cover makes it a pleasure to touch and  ensures it is soft and comfortable.


Made from Polyresin, the attention to detail on this statue is astounding - with its delicate nose, ribs protruding - it almost looks real. Leave it by any door to warn off visitors - its guaranteed to have them wondering, at least for a second.


Guaranteed to please - its black colouring ensures it will remain suitable for any colour setting. Classic and full of design elements, this luxurious dog is striking wherever it is placed and will create the ultimate focal point in your home. It makes a great gift for any animal lover.


Dimensions: 55cm x 30cm x 18.5cm


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