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Umbra Conceal Invisible Bookshelf


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This floating bookshelf becomes invisible as it is hidden behind books that are stacked on it. A really clever design, I don’t think there is a cooler way of storing your books than using the Umbra Conceal.


To create this stunning visual and gravity defying effect you slide the shelf in-between the cover of the first book and then stack the rest of the book on top. It is recommended you use a hardback book for the first book but then if you prefer you can place paperbacks on top of this one.


The shelves are made from strong metal and in a powder coated finish, the shelve is durable and robust. It is available in 2 sizes small & large and in 2 colour options silver nickel and matt white. Wall mounting hardware kit is also included.


Designed by Mior Lior the product  was a 2006 Pratt award winner.  Umbra works with schools like Pratt to developed mentor programs for future designers.  Royalties from the umbra Conceal bookshelves go to supporting the program, students and schools.




Length 14cm

Height 13.3cm

Width 12.7cm

Max Loading Weight 6.8kg

Max stack Height 41cm

Maximum Book Depth 20cm 



Length 17cm

Height 14cm

Width 18cm

Max Loading Weight 9kg

Max Book Depth 25.4cm