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Fatboy Tablitski Table


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The Fatboy Tablitski is a handy, multi-purpose stool or side table. It is made of powder coated steel of Industrial strength and it can be used indoors or out.


The Tablitski is the ideal size for using with a tablet or laptop, perhaps while seated on the Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet. It is stable and robust and built to last. Weighing 5 kg, it measures 40 cm by 30 cm and it is 40 cm tall.


Based in Denmark, Fatboy are an imaginative lifestyle brand that excels in thinking outside of the box. Since 2002 they have been challenging lifestyle concepts to bring you a “wonderfuller” life, encouraging you to think what you want to think and to do what you want to do.


Colours available – Light Blue, Light Grey, Pink, Black, Red.


If you want a softer, upholstered version of the Tablitski – get yourself the Fatboy Krukski. Alternatively, use a cushion when you need to and retain the multi-functional status of this stool cum side-table cum footstool cum computer/gaming table.


Good in the kitchen, living room, office and home-study – and so portable you can use it anywhere and everywhere - the only restriction with this stool/table is your own imagination.



Width 40cm

Depth 40cm

Height 30cm


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