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Fatboy RockCoco Outdoor Chandelier


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Fatboys RockCoco is the world's first chandelier for outdoors - one of a kind, there is no other light like this on the market today.


Its plastic body and the design, gives it a reminiscent feel of the Rococo Era where everything was designed to look magnificent and beautiful and stand out from the crowd and this light is no exception.


Incorporated into the design is a red electrical cord that adds the ultimate finish and colour to any outdoor setting. Suitable for  outdoors due to its weatherproof design, there really is no way of saying no to this suspension light. 


Has 3 dimmer settings- low 25 lumen- Medium 60 lumen maximum 200 lumen and also takes an LED 5 WATT bulb

Dimensions: 62cm x 68cm x 62cm

For outdoor use only.