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Fatboy Krukski Footstool


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The Fatboy Krukski is the coming together of two iconic Fatboy products to make an entirely new one. In this case it is the Fatboy Tablitski stool/table and the Baboeskja cushion. The result is a neat and comfortable cushioned stool – the Krukski.


The strong base of this stool is made from powder coated steel and the cushion has a quality foam filling and a water-repellent surface. It can be used outdoors – but it’s wise to bring the cushion inside during inclement weather.


Fatboy are an imaginative Danish lifestyle brand that excel at thinking outside of the box. Since 2002 they have been challenging lifestyle concepts to bring you a “wonderfuller” life, encouraging you to think what you want to think and to do what you want to do.


The Krukski weighs in at 6 kg. The cushion is 14 cm thick and the steel stool base measures 40 cm by 40 cm by 30 cm.


Choose from eight different colours and patterns – Aqua, Black, Red, Orange, Taupe, Persian Red, Persian Lime, Persian Taupe.


The Krukski is an ideal stool for occasional use anywhere about the house – and great for when an extra seat is needed. Stylish and contemporary, this stool fits in anywhere. Made in Denmark, it’s great in the living room or the lounge, and it makes an ideal perch for kids wanting to get as close as they can to the plasma screen. Try it with the Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet. You can mix and match different colours of Krukski and use them as refectory-style dining chairs.