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Creative Displays Stick Metal Shelves Storage Shelf

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Another beautiful display idea - this metal storage shelve is a must for any fashion conscious home owner. Stylish and modern, the stick allows you to display your books, CD's, DVDs, or ornaments in a high quality frame. Each side is open to make it really stand out from the wall. Perfect for adding definition to any bedroom, living room or entry hall.


Made from high quality metal, it is available in a choice of 4 colours and 4 sizes, Choose from the following shelving: stick - the square, high stick - the tall rectangle or large stick - the long rectangle. Use the shelves seperately and it will create a beautiful art piece but use them together and you can create your own highly unique masterpiece.


A must have for those who have no storage space, they are perfect for homes where space is minimal. Stylish and contemporary, these beautiful metal storage shelves are guaranteed to be loved and commented on by friends and family alike.



Stick: 28cm x 28cm x 8.5cm £35

High Stick: 36.5cm x 19cm x 8.5cm £30

Long Stick: 59cm x 28cm x 8.5cm £55


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