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Ceramic Platter with Slate Insert by Just Slate Co

Just Slate Company

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For those that like to hold dinner parties and serve canapes or sushi, this serving platter is a must. Brought to you by Just Slate Co, a leading brand based in Scotland, the platter is ideal for serving a wide variety of snacks and appetizers.


The platter is made from ceramics, which compliments the slate insert well - the slate can also be removed if required. The two wells are great for serving sauces or condiments and the slate insert can hold cheese's,  sushi or anything else you require.


Available in 2 sizes - choose from a square or rectangular design. Each piece is hand crafted to ensure individuality and a sculptural finish. A great gift for anyone who likes to entertain guests, this is a highly useful and practical kitchen accessory, that virtually no kitchen should be without.



Square: 30cm x 30cm

Rectangular: 38cm x 20cm


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