The Interior Design Guide to Colouring Your Home: Infographic

Anyone who works in design knows colour is complex. From the emotion each tone can signify to the message different combinations can spread; it’s the job of the designer to navigate these issues and arrive at a palate that’s suitable for their client. Often, this can be a headache, but it’s also part of the fun of the job – provided you know the basics.


For those who are new to design, then, we’ve pulled together all our knowledge to create the infographic below. Taking in concepts from the colours to use when accenting a billiards room, to Baudrillard’s thoughts on tone and atmosphere and the subtle use of blue spectrum light to promote alertness, we hope this infographic will serve as a good introduction for those new to the design game and also help to choose your home decor.


For the dab hands among you, we hope to maybe provoke some debate, spark an exchange of opinions, or simply give you something to test your hard won knowledge against. So go ahead, scroll down and have a look. Take your time and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you liked the infographic please feel free to share it via social media buttons below or feel free to use it on your own site using the embed code below.

Interior Design Colour Guide


This Expert Interior Designers Guide was create by and written by Adam Watson of

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