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  • Our 30 New Must Haves For Your Home

    As you browse through new collections or trends how many times do you think to yourself, “I must have that”? It’s a great feeling to want or need something, so when a piece of furniture or a home accessory can cause this “must have” sensation we know that we are doing something right! Here are our choice pieces for your home that you just can’t and shouldn’t live without.

    Lighten Up

    Designer Seletti has certainly embraced the neon trend with these cool, modern Linea Neon Tube Lights. Their playfulness is obvious but they are also very versatile so use them however you wish in your home, stood upright, hung up or simply lay them on the floor, bring some fun lighting to the corners of your home.

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  • 50 Must Know Interior Design Trends

    When decorating your home it can often hard to find inspiration or ideas, so we have put together 50 of this year's must-know interior design trends.

    1 - Flowers

    From spontaneous bunches to dramatic displays, its all about styling flowers in a the most lifelike ways possible, respecting nature’s character to promote a natural aesthetic. Even the most carefully organised bouquet should exude this sense of freedom… look to wild foliage, like fern and vine leaves to add shape. Simple country garden flowers such as cornflowers, love-in-a-mist, daisies and sweet peas are tied into natural, informal clusters for a 'just-picked' look that's very popular this year – as seen at British Flowers Week.

    Whether you decide to have fresh or faux flowers in your home you will need to bring them to life transform the atmosphere of any room with this simple but stunning vase by LSA.

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  • Our Passion for Raw Materials

    Our range of unique and collectible designer furniture not only looks good but is strong, well-made and comfortable. Many of our pieces are as individually recognisable as great works of art, and some are made from Raw Materials. What is a raw material? Well it’s simply a basic material used in the production of goods. An example of a raw material is the wood or concrete that is used to make our funky furniture. We’d like to share with you our passion for new products made using raw materials.

    Do you have products in your home that are made from raw materials?

    Let’s take a look at some of our favourites and maybe you’ll come across something that will complement your current furniture choices.

    A perfect harmony of industrial and delicate design would be the Menu JWDA Concrete Lamp. Wouldn’t it be an ultimate statement piece for your side table or shelf?

    The unique design incorporates a smooth cylinder concrete base with a contrasting brass turning switch. The unusual use of this raw material base pairs perfectly with the delicate white glass shade, giving a beautiful, contemporary appearance. What you will also love about this lamp is that is has a dimmer, therefore would be perfect as a diffused light in a lounge, bedroom or office.

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  • An Italian flourish, for every room with Alessi

    Whether you’re a fashion maven or just have a passing interest, you’ll be able to spot a genuine Chanel bag from twenty paces. It’s instinctive. Alessi is to home decor what Chanel is to fashion. You see an Alessi piece and you just know it’s Alessi – because it couldn’t be anything else.

    If a bespoke home makeover isn’t on the cards, a few carefully chosen pieces can still transform your home. Look to Alessi for instant Italiano chic, room by room.

    Per il bagno Add instant elegance to the most basic of bathrooms with these elegant Alessi pieces.

    If your bathroom is anything like ours, ‘bits and pieces’ are a common issue – as in, how to store them without cluttering up the surfaces. This three-part Bathroom Organiser is as clever as it is aesthetically pleasing. Now you see them, now you don’t.

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  • Purrr-fect Interiors for the Cat Lover

    Are you a Cat lover? Or do you know someone who is? Cats are everywhere at the moment, they have taken over our social media with videos and pictures sure to make everyone say “aww, how cute”.  Even Hollywood have taken to social media to show off their feline friends, you may have seen Katy Perry posing with her cat named, Kitty Purry or Taylor Swift singing to her moggy Meredith. Ricky Gervais’ cat Ollie even has his own Facebook and Twitter page with over 5000 followers!

    Staring in adverts or trending on twitter, when it comes down to it your cat is one of the family and we have found a variety of fun and essential interiors and accessories for you, your home and of course your own feline friend.

    Not only is the Alessi cat bowl fun and unique it is also helping raise money to an animal protection charity the GAIA Animali e Ambiente.  Featuring a smiley face design with his tail in the air this stylish and practical food bowl is also easy to pick up and easy to clean keeping your cat’s dining area clean and tidy.  If your cat has a favourite colour the bowl is available in grey, black, yellow and blue.

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  • What's New on Design 55? - A selection of our new products

    When you get something new what’s the first thing you do? Show everyone?  Well at Design55 we are no different!  Each new piece takes its seat amongst our eclectic range of new products carefully chosen just for you.

    Since opening in 2005 our products have always shown our passion for interior design and we are constantly introducing new products to you which continue to be the very best design led pieces for you and your home.  Similar to choosing your favourite child we can’t do it, so here are a selection form our latest products available today.

    With many designers tapping in to the popular industrial look, this coat rack may have been made with this trend in mind.  Its retro and quirky design can also add a touch of nostalgia to your modern home.  Designed to be understated and unique, the coat hooks can easily be used to hold a variety of accessories, coats, bags and scarfs.

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  • 10 ways to bring funky accessories into your home

    Every home needs a few pieces that make your guests ask, “wow, where did you get that from?” Whether your style is contemporary, traditional or rustic, your home can still embrace a funky accessory or two. Many designers are enjoying adding that element of fun to their pieces, creating unique and wonderful accessories with your home in mind. We have found 10 Funky Accessories for your home, now all you need to do is choose your favourites!

    1. As you first walk through your door your guests are sure to notice “the Scribble”. The simple and sleek design allows them to hang their coats whilst it creates a statement in your hallway. Using the power of primary colours the Scribble coat rack is also available in shocking red although you may prefer the more subtle calming white design.

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  • Fun ways to add pops of colour in your home

    There’s something about spring that gives you the urge to redecorate, revive or refresh your home. With what feels like endless bank holiday weekends and the summer fast approaching we find ourselves looking for ideas and inspiration to brighten up and awaken our homes after the long dreary winter months. Colour and fun has been hibernating but now is the time to introduce them back into your home with a splash! But before you grab that paint brush here are some fun ways to add pops of colour this season.

    Along with the sun spring also brings with it a mountain of toys, barbacue equipment and garden accessories. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, we have found these fun but practical storage cubes that come in an array of transparent colours. Hide and stack away your clutter to leave your rooms free of chaos and enjoy the stunning natural effects that the light creates as it reflects through each cube.

    Let’s take a step back in time when home interiors were filled with vibrant colours with this 60’s inspired light. The Flowerpot design stems from the Flower Power Era and oozes with psychedelic style that its name suggests. The pendant light with its choice of colours and retro finish is sure to receive compliments by your friends and family without even lifting a paint brush.

    A striking colour palette is always on hand when adding modern touches to your home. The Funk Rug can match your chosen colour for this season allowing you to link the other new buys that you have chosen to revive a room in time for summer. Whether you decide to match or clash you are certain to turn heads with this bold statement at the centre of your living space.

     Funk Rug, Barker and Stonehouse, from £199.00 Funk Rug, Barker and Stonehouse, from £199.00

    “Retro” seems to go hand in hand with the words colour and fun and this multi coloured clock fits both words perfectly. Inspired by a fanned out colour swatch this multi-coloured retro wall clock can suit your mood, no matter what the time is or how you’re feeling there is always a relevant colour just for you.


    Adding colour to your home doesn’t have to be permanent, instead of bright feature walls or adding a statement scatter cushion here and there why not add a subtle pop of colour? Kartell have designed a modern and minimalistic clothes stand which come in 4 statement colours. Functional and stylish design work together to sit quietly in the corner of your hallway waiting to be noticed with their pop of colour heads.

    Children’s play areas and bedrooms are often bursting with colour through bold décor or exciting designs. In keeping with this lively atmosphere Magis have given a new lease of life to the Dodo bird with this cool rocking Dodo. Depending on where the Dodo is placed he draws your attention with his bold colour whilst providing entertainment for small children and even looks great as a giant ornament when it’s not being used! Not only is the rocking Dodo a splash of colour it’s also a shot of fun too!


    Colours come in all shades, tones and textures and can completely change the feel and mood of a room. This dip dye linen design wallpaper has intense colour shading leading your eyes to focus on your chosen bold colour as it runs in to a bright white finale. This can be a simple but effective way to add colour to a room and just how “fun” you go can depend on the colour that you choose!

     Saraille, Wallpaperdirect £213.00 Saraille, Wallpaperdirect £213.00

    Fancy being a little more adventurous? Then instead of just a “pop” of colour we have several “pops” with these trendy and versatile chairs that are available in 9 funky colours. Dazzle your guests at your next party or bbq with Magis’ fresh take on the stacking chair.

    Whether it be practical or fun, enjoy adding colour to your home this summer!

  • 15 ways to bring the outside in

    It’s that time of the year when you can open your windows, dust off your deck chairs and start planning your renowned summer barbecues! Summer sees our gardens and landscapes in full flora, a spectrum of colours bring everything alive. As we all know we can’t always rely on the British weather so we have found 15 ways to bring the outside in to your home this summer.

    1  Planting flowers in the garden to bloom at that perfect time might not be easy for everyone but you can still bring the bold colours and sweet scent of flowers into your home with this stunning handmade spherical vase. Unlike garden flowers you can change from a colourful bloom to a floating array of flower heads to match your mood for the day, the possibilities are endless.

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  • The Caffeine Collection – Our favourite ways to do coffee

    Coffee comes in all shapes and sizes and we all have our personal preference, who makes it and how it’s made can change everything! I always find that similar to snowflakes every cup of coffee is different,  your next cup could be a classic to an award winning blend.  Our Caffeine Collection will show you some wonderful ways to do coffee.

    You might be unable to start your day without your morning cup of coffee, or you might also be like me in a morning when you're rushing so much that your cup sometimes turns into a coffee on the go. We all experience that morning rush, squeezing in a few more minutes in bed or seeing to the kids, the Joco cup allows you to enjoy your morning routine with this easy to travel mug.

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